Quick Hits: Koules bulking up

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It wasn’t too long ago that the knock against USNTDP sniper, Miles Koules, was his size.

Over the past  two summers the son of former Tampa Bay Lightning owner Oren Koules, has spent his time hard at work with fitness guru, Matt Nichol. Miles currently clocks in at five-foot-11 and 190-pounds.

“This past summer I saw very marked improvements in all of the traditional “gym” related numbers,” Nichol said. “The focus for Miles this past summer was on: lean body mass, maximum strength, and maximum power/rate of force development, but more importantly I saw a great improvement in Miles maturity and the way that he approached his preparation.”

The likes of P.K. Subban and Steven Stamkos have all worked with Nichol, and the ability to skate with NHLers will have had it’s effect on Koules and his uphill journey of strengthening his body for the NHL some day.

“This past summer Miles showed his dedication and commitment to his development,” Nichol continued. “He did not need any hand holding or coddling. He conducted himself like a professional, worked hard every day and showed a keen interest in the training process. His new found physical strength was apparent in his play on the ice. I also believe that his increased strength and power combined with his ability to measure himself daily against some of the top players in the league resulted in increased confidence on the ice.”

While still a ways away from the National Hockey League stage, it’s very apparent that Koules is hard at work to dispel any major knocks scouts might have against him.

1. More from Matt Nichol on Koules: “Miles was always respectful of his place amongst the older pros there but never shied away from an opportunity to compete with them.”

2. Year of the Defenseman? 2012 should be called ‘Year of Injuries’ as we’ve seen the likes of Alex Galchenyuk go down for much of the season, as well injuries to Eric Locke, Ryan Murray, Morgan Rielly and Martin Frk.

3. More on injuries: Sunday’s Kitchener-Sarnia game was without Yakupov, Galchenyuk, Connor Murphy, Brett Ritchie, Matia Marcantuoni, Max Iafrate, Ryan Murphy and John Gibson.

4. Remember the name Gemel Smith. A name creeping up draft boards at an alarming rate.

5. Recently saw Yakupov take some shifts as a defenseman. You’re reading that right. Sarnia is using it as a chance to get him away from checkers. Will it help his two-way game?

6. Every year draft eligible players give the same cliche about wanting to play anywhere, not naming a team. Belleville Bulls centre, Brendan Gaunce, has held no punches back in his love for the Toronto Maple Leafs. “I have always loved them and that will never change because of where I grew up,” he recently told me.

7. Got to be in attendance for Ben Fanelli‘s first OHL goal. What a story after two years away from hockey from that major concussion he received in 2009. The Aud were on their feet for him, and his parents were watching as well.

8. More on Fanelli: Steve Spott confirmed on 570 News to Mike Farwell that NHL Teams are asking about him.

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