The future of NHL draft information is powered through websites and social media much like Future Considerations provides. After launching the original site in 2007 Future Considerations has grown to be one of the more recognizable brands discussing potential prospects for the NHL.

Since that time the company has grown to provide in depth analysis on up and coming prospects from all over the globe. In the fall of 2015 the company announced that it would be re-launching it’s website to provide a better user experience on all platforms (mobile, tablets, and desktop).

Future Considerations was relaunched in early 2016 and helped it’s users with a friendlier experience with responsive web design. The company hired a web design company called Sixo Media to help provide a seamless transition.

After a few months work the site went live and has provided a much smoother experience for all users. One of the main points for the redesign was an emphasis on bringing the latest news and stories to the forefront of the website. Future Considerations has always been known for providing one of the most in depth draft guides but there website also includes scouting reports and player tracking throughout the hockey season.

The relaunch of the website has helped the company boost it’s exposure and the volume of users continues to grow. With improvements always being worked on Future Considerations should continue to provide a seamless experience for all hockey fans.