Draft Lottery order set

Aaron Vickers2013 Draft Center

The Florida Panthers have the best chance to take the podium first at the 2013 NHL Draft on June 30th in New Jersey.

But the Panthers, who finished last in the league with just 36 points, will have just a 25 per cent chance of retaining the first overall pick in 2013.

Here are the odds of the Panthers retaining and the chances of the 13 other National Hockey League teams in Monday’s lottery:

1st: 25.0% – Florida Panthers
2nd: 18.8% – Colorado Avalanche
3rd: 14.2% – Tampa Bay Lightning
4th: 10.7% – Nashville Predators
5th: 8.1% – Carolina Hurricanes
6th: 6.2% – Calgary Flames
7th: 4.7% – Edmonton Oilers
8th: 3.6% – Buffalo Sabres
9th: 2.7% – New Jersey Devils
10th: 2.1% – Dallas Stars
11th: 1.5% – Philadelphia Flyers
12th: 1.1% – Phoenix Coyotes
13th: 0.8% – Winnipeg Jets
14th: 0.5% – Columbus Blue Jackets

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