Ryan Spooner

Aaron Vickers

Possesses an abundance of speed and elusiveness. Skates very well with a nice top end speed and agility on his skates. Shows good vision and reads the developing offensive play well. Is a playmaker who makes solid tape- to-tape passes to his linemates but also has the pedigree of a finisher as he is blesses with soft, quick hands and a nice shot. The type of forward who plays with a good level of intensity and is always around the play because he is constantly moving with the offensive ow. Hard to get the puck off of one-on-one because of his shifty puck skills. Occasionally shows that, despite his lack of size, will drive the puck to the net and pay the price. A hard worker with good character.  Size is an issue but with his speed that is not as bad as some other talented prospects who are slower or less dynamic. Needs to add some muscle nevertheless as he gets pushed around by bigger opposition. Consistency is an area that hounds him as he can disappear for stretches at a time. Defensive play is raw at best. (May 2010)