Maksim Zhukov

Aaron Vickers

A big, confident and athletic Russian puck stopper…he moves very well in his crease for his large frame… very quick to move laterally…he is agile and can effortlessly drop down into his butterfly and then pop back to his feet…uses a real wide stance closing off most of the open net behind him…aggressive positioning such as his stance at the top of the crease lowers the odds of initial shots beating him…has a devastatingly good glove hand that swallows up high shots…stands his ground in tight when opponents are trying to jam the puck through…the type of goaltender that can absolutely get in the zone and steal some games for his team…on the negative he needs to work on his focus as he can lose the puck through traffic…rebound control is also an area that could use some fine tuning…not a guy who ventures from his crease much but when he does he handles the puck well…seems to play best when he sees lots of rubber…overall a very strong goaltending prospect who has NHL starting upside. (November 2016)