Luke Martin

Aaron Vickers

An all-round defender who plays a simple yet effective game…a strong skater who can elude checks with quick bursts of speed…fluid lateral footwork…has the ability to process plays quickly…smooth and cool under pressure, handling the puck without issues while in motion and under pressure…jumps off the point position to hold pucks in and doesn’t hesitate to get a quick wrist shot on net if the opportunity presents itself…dissects opposition coverage schemes by not playing into the obvious options, but showing more of a cerebral approach to his passing game…keeps his stick in the right place to block passing lanes…is positionally strong in odd man situations…physical but not the type to be running over opponents or showing a nasty edge…uses his strength to protect the crease…possesses strong gap control and is patient in his defensive approach…is able to turn the puck up ice in transition quickly but is not a pure offensive guy…a pro defensive defenseman.  (November 2016)