Evgeni Svechnikov

Darren Walker

Svechnikov is a talented power forward with an attractive blend of size and skill. He
has great puck control, which allows him to use his reach to protect the puck while still making plays
in motion. Svechnikov is an excellent skater with a long and efficient stride. He edges very nicely and
his weight transfer is textbook. All this allows him to change directions very rapidly and he can juke
defenders out of position with ease. Great balance and strong on his feet; hard to knock off the
puck and hard to poke check. He is extremely athletic. Shows high-end, top-notch puck protection
skills; able to drive into the zone and slow down the play to look for openings or to play along the
boards and keep the cycle moving. Great feel for the puck and able to make quick and effective
plays in a split second. He is a silky stick handler and shows remarkable control of the puck
away from his body. Svechnikov has solid offensive awareness and good instincts around the
net. He possesses a heavy shot with very little windup and he is skilled at getting himself open
for the one-timer. Not afraid to get into the dirty areas and battle. While a power forward, he
is a new age one like a Rick Nash and prefers to use his size and reach to create a distance
between the puck and opponents as opposed to punishing players physically or intimidating
his opponent. Relies more on a skill/protection style of play. Defensively, he is solid, but not
overly effective as he is always looking to jump at the first sign of an offensive rush. He isn’t
a liability, though. When he gets going he is tough to stop and his ability to beat you with
force or skill is impressive. He seems destined for a top line role at the NHL level and has
the potential to be a dominant and dynamic star.  (May 2015)