David Kase

Aaron Vickers

Kase is a diminutive and high-impact offensive player with the ability to drive the pace of a game. Plays at high speed and always is in the hunt to attack. Exceptional acceleration, agility and separation speed. Has the ability to tear up the ice and burn around even the smoothest defenders. Kase is very con dent player who is a high-end stick handler. He knows where to find space in the offensive zone and can elude coverage with quickness and skill. Good at supporting the puck. Has a quick release on his shot with some sneaky fast zip to it. Kase is good at hiding his intention to shoot or deke, making him hard to pick up when going to the net. He loves to play the possession game, even though he can be easily outmatched if caught. He sees the ice very well and loves to create plays. He tends to overcomplicate passes at times, trying to make high level plays when easy routes are to be had. He sometimes fumbles the execution and doesn’t always deliver at, accurate passes in the open lane. He is weak and easily outmatched physically. Despite deficiencies, Kase does see some penalty kill time and exhibits patience, defensive awareness and quickness with his stick (May 2015)