Charles McAvoy

Darren Walker

McAvoy is a high-upside defenseman who primarily plays an offensive game. He is very strong on the puck. The main thing that leads to his puck-possession success is that he keeps his feet moving through contact. He shows off his slick hands and ability to deke through a few defenders and keep the puck. He has quick decision-making ability both with and without the puck. McAvoy often catches the defense off-guard because he makes quick plays with the puck, as if he knows what he is going to do with the puck before he even gets it. He is able to do everything at high speed, such as dishing a crisp pass without having to slow down to process his options, hitting the open man through a seam in traffic. He is constantly making solid defensive plays, using his reach and his strength to get to the man and separate him from the puck. His gap control is strong and he quickly steps up to eliminate a passing option, play the puck or completely play his man to the outside and out of harm’s way. He is a forward-thinker who sees the ice well and analyzes the game exceptionally well. McAvoy sees lanes develop, and if he doesn’t like his options, he moves quickly to get a different angle and distribute. He is a smooth skater, making it look effortless at times. Quick mobility and agility allow him to pounce on his man or get up ice in a hurry. McAvoy exudes confidence and is strong with the puck, not allowing others to get after it. Controlled movements and smooth mobility make him highly effective in possession. He is deadly in transition as he makes on-the-money passes to options who will kickstart the rush. McAvoy has a nice gear he can tap into, and uses it wisely and effectively. Defensively, he smartly uses body positioning to angle off forwards and prevent any big plays in one-on-one rush situations. McAvoy has the ability to also play the body and will line up a hit if the opportunity is there. He will also use his strength to push his man out of the crease area or to wage battle along the wall.   (May 2016)