Alex Nylander

Darren Walker

Nylander is a smart, super-skilled winger who will make you pay if you give him the tiniest of space. This Swede—the son of former NHLer Michael Nylander—doesn’t let up in possession and is a driven forward who wants to create offense in whatever way possible. He finds his spots in the offensive zone and picks apart lanes exceptionally well. Nylander does a good job of using his shoulder to push off from his check and protect the puck, shifting his weight enough to maintain balance and drive to the outside. He possesses quick feet and some high-end agility, allowing him to explode off the hop and in all directions. His puck skills complement his incredible shot perfectly; he plays with the puck on a string thanks to quick hands and confidence to do something great. Nylander possesses incredible puck skills in tight quarters and can easily stickhandle in a phone booth. He is quick to escape trouble by combining his puck skills, skating and hockey sense—he uses his quick agility to dash through with the puck in close as he scopes out the play around him to escape to open ice and make a play with the puck. His shot is his greatest asset—it is fast and rocket-like—and he has a deceptive release from in close while in movement. Nylander has the ability to speed up and slow down the play with possession, something that not many players can do effectively. He’s an absolute threat with the puck on his stick as he can push the play, undress defenders, and make a pass you wouldn’t expect or take a deceptively hard shot that makes goalies freeze in their tracks. Nylander has very good timing about when to pressure the puck-carrier and use his stick and slippery play to strip the puck; it’s almost unexpected when he swoops in and removes the puck from the man, making him a threat away from the puck. His offensive upside, thanks to his quick, deceptive release, exceptional vision and hockey IQ, is extremely high.  (May 2016)