Yevgeni Mityakin

Aaron Vickers

Mityakin has great size and developing strength that, when he uses it to his advantage, is a real force. He can skate, but there is definitely room for improvement on that front. He generates some healthy speed for a guy with his size, but has a bit of a wonky stride that is unbalanced and quite choppy. Straightening that out and adding additional leg strength would go a long way toward refining his mobility and agility. Mityakin has a big frame that should be intimidating, but is all too often underwhelming as he does not always utilize it physically and often gets knocked around. He does use his size to shield the puck and protect it well along the wall or when driving it to the net. At times, he does great work along the boards, digging for the puck and muscling for puck possession. He moves to open ice away from the puck to open up a passing lane before calling for the puck. Mityakin has a decent backhand shot that fools goalies and a wrist shot that is rather heavy. Has the smarts to be a threat on the power play as he uses his creativity, vision and patience to find lanes and make good passes through them. He creates space by pulling defenders in and then passing to open teammates for a scoring chance. Mityakin is very aware in his own zone and covers his check well; that awareness is a strength in his skill set. He is an intriguing prospect who has upside in his game.   (May 2016)