William Pethrus

Aaron Vickers

Pethrus is an aggressive and skilled blueliner who possesses both good size and impressive overall mobility. He does have the ability and often the demeanor to bring a physically nasty game, but more often than not, relies on his brains rather than his brawn. His skating is good for a guy with his size, but his form looks a bit off as he tends to swing his arms more rapidly than it benefits him, causing him to shorten his stride, which holds him back. Pethrus will carry the puck, but it does not look as natural for him as he is best when jumping into the rush as an option rather than as the puck carrier. His vision and passing are solid, but lacking in creativity overall. He has a decent shot selection as well, but could improve his release. While he does utilize the pokecheck to play defense and disturb the puck carrier, he will use his body along the boards and to clear a body in front. Pethrus can go through stretches of limited intensity in the game when he is lulled into playing a softer brand of hockey, but if and when the game gets a bit rougher, he ramps it up and really can bring the grit into his play. He has solid hockey sense and on-ice awareness. He knows where to go and what to do in each situation. Pethrus is a minute-muncher who can play in every role asked.   (May 2016)