Wade Allison

Aaron Vickers

Allison is a determined, hard-working power winger with offensive skill. He uses his frame well to play in both offensive and defensive situations. He plays hard in all three zones, outworking opponents and playing physically strong on and away from the puck. He has a strong shot to throw pucks on net and the vision to find open teammates for scoring chances. Allison skates with power and is effective changing directions, displaying great agility. He challenges his opponents along the wall with heavy pressure, often forcing turnovers. He is not afraid to attack, even when alone on the rush, trying to power by defenders or deke using elongated toe drags and other crafty stickhandling techniques to create multiple scoring chances. Allison is strong on the puck, heavy along the wall and in the corners, and deep in the offensive zone. He shows great upside, and can and likely will improve on his agility and ability to move laterally at higher speeds. What he lacks is offensive creativity as he is a straightforward type of power forward. We love his urgency and that he never gives up on puck battles, winning most of them out of sheer diligence. More often than not, Allison was one of the hardest workers, strongest players and most dangerous offensive threats on the ice this season in the USHL. (May 2016)