Vladislav Namestnikov

Aaron Vickers

A shifty fleet-footed skater who is constantly employing a slick change of pace and hard inside outside cuts to throw would be checkers. Has elite vision and creativity in the offensive zone with soft hands and a basket full of tricks. A playmaker at heart, he will always look pass but also has no problem shooting if the opportunity should present itself. Sees the play developing before anyone else does and can thread the needle with a soft loft pass or a rocket slap pass, whichever the situation calls for with equal effectiveness. Opportunistic scorer who possesses a lightning quick wrist shot that is both hard and accurate. Shows no fear in taking the puck to the middle of the ice and going hard to the net despite the potential physical consequence. Has a tendency to be out muscled and thrown off the puck when engaged physically because of a very slight frame that desperately needs some added muscle and strength. Also, showed only glimpses of his solid defensive abilities this season but enough to know there is something there to be developed. (May 2011)