Tyler Sheehy

Darren Walker

A highly competitive center, Sheehy jumped into the USHL from high school and finished at a point-per-game pace during the regular season. Sheehy sees ice time in a lot of situations and is an effective player. He is very quick, and owns quick feet and a fairly explosive stride. He is smaller, and relies on his speed to beat defenders and his quickness to squeeze through pressure on the walls. Sheehy has above-average stick skills, but is more of a straight-forward player who depends on his vision and sense of the play in front of him to create offense. He distributes the puck effectively on offense and finds his teammates quickly to create scoring chances. He has a hard wrist shot too, but is a stronger playmaker. Sheehy plays with plenty of grit and urgency on the puck, and doesn’t quit on the ice. If he wants the puck, there is a good chance that he is going to get it, and that is what has made him so effective for Waterloo. Whether it is even strength, the PP or the PK, Sheehy is going hard after the puck and he will use his quick stick or body to win it. Sheehy has shown the ability to overcome his size when battling for pucks and when attempting to obtain puck possession. He is smart and effective defensively, coming back hard on the play and playing a shutdown role to support his defense. He has a strong defensive stick and is very quick to anticipate plays. He is a good faceoff man, and a strong 200-foot player. (May 2014)