Tyler Parsons

Aaron Vickers

Parsons is a quick and athletic netminder who shows off his quick reflexes with timely saves. He seems to build his game around making the initial save. His rebound control has improved this season from bad to solid as he deflects pucks out of trouble when they are not able to be absorbed into his equipment. Parsons shows impressive quickness by dropping into the butterfly and then shooting up or across the crease through scrambles in front, coming up with big stops. His glove hand reacts quickly, even though it is not always in position, especially when he is moving. His edge work is impressive which leads to his ability to push off and shift to get across the crease. He has good ability to stretch and is flexible making desperation second saves while swimming to close off the bottom of his crease. Parsons anticipates centering passes around his crease and quickly reacts by lunging forward in tight form to get his glove on it and prevent any damage. He isn’t afraid to shoot out and challenge the shooter, showing an aggressive mindset when the time is right. He seals off his posts well and closes holes in his stance. He wasn’t always tested this season due to the team that plays in front of him, but he has bailed out the Knights, making key saves when the time called for it, and he holds some solid potential going forward.   (May 2016)