Tyler Nanne

Darren Walker

Nanne plays the game of a mobile, puck-moving defenseman who is ultra-con dent with the puck. He rushes the puck well and is not afraid to jump up on the rush without it in search of an opportunity. He is very creative with the puck, both skating with it and passing it. He thinks the game well offensively. He is a smooth skater and pretty quick laterally, and can go end to end quickly. When he skates with the puck, his head is always up, scanning the ice for options. He shows a real hard shot from the point area, but could improve his accuracy. He often looks like he is trying to pick a real small opening to hit rather than just get it on net for a tip or rebound. Defensively, he is sound positionally, but other than that, he has miles to go in his defensive game. The one thing that is very impressive is his smarts and ability to make the simple play to avoid trouble. He does not panic when there is a hard forecheck applied. He has solid upside and raw potential, but it will certainly help if he grows a little bit more. He played a little center in Edina this season, as well, and may have a future playing up front. (May 2014)