Tobias Eder

Aaron Vickers

Eder is an offensively skilled center with strong playmaking abilities. But that is not all he is about as he does a bit of everything. First and foremost, he is an extremely hard worker. You will be hard pressed to find a guy who will outwork him on the ice. Offensively, he mixes some grit with skill. He is creative with his passes and sees lanes quickly, getting the puck to open teammates for scoring opportunities. Eder has silky hands, using creative and quick dekes to cross up defenders and create space for himself and teammates. He also has a deceptive shot, not needing much time and room to get it on target. Skating wise, he has impressive top-end speed and quickness in small spaces. While not the strongest physically, he does engage in board battles when needed and will fight for possession. Eder is excellent without the puck. On 50/50 engagements and battles for loose pucks, he seems to be just a bit smarter and a bit faster than his opponents, winning the majority of those. He is trusted by his coaches, being utilized on the penalty kill and in all situations. He plays very responsibly, covering for teammates when they get out of position, like when a defenseman pinches down the wall into the offensive zone, he picks up that spot immediately. Eder gets into lanes and is even ready to block a shot.  (May 2016)