Tim Wahlgren

Aaron Vickers

Wahlgren is a playmaker with strong skating and soft hands. With his great mobility, he often quickly changes direction and gets past opponents, making him hard to stop. He has great puck control, able to pull of some slick moves, and uses them with his vision to find his teammates on the ice. Wahlgren prefers passing the puck over shooting it himself, even though he has a dangerously quick shot release. He has the ability to read plays and is very calm with the puck, not making many poor decisions. He has no problems delivering both short- and long-rang passes, and he has the ability to get pucks through lanes. He also proved that he can accept passes and has a good wrist shot. He does play a physical game, although inconsistently, as he throws his body around on the forecheck, but he does tend to use his skating and stick rather than his muscle and brawn. He has good hockey sense, shows the ability to read the opposition and steps up into lanes as he intercepts the puck. Wahlgren is strong on the forecheck and plays harder than anyone else on the ice. Although he is more offensive minded, he has no problem covering for his defensemen and helping them out in situations deep in the defensive zone where they might need support. He handles his defensive responsibility well.   (May 2016)