Tim Gettinger

Aaron Vickers

Gettinger is a hulking winger with prototypical power forward traits; he has impressive two-way capabilities along with intriguing hockey sense and a budding offensive repertoire. He skates well for a big-bodied forward, displaying a long powerful stride that allows him to generate above-average speed, however, he does lack explosiveness in his first stride, which does hinder his separation ability through the neutral zone. Still, the big winger shows good mobility, powerful edges and strong lateral movements. Gettinger can be very tough to contain off the rush as once he generates momentum, he’s like a freight train that can be near impossible to stop. The powerful winger shows high-end puck-protection skills, including a heaviness on the puck along with a willingness to take the puck to high-traffic areas. He works the half boards and cycle well, and is a net-front presence. With that being said, he also displays deceptively good hands. Possessing intriguing puck control and above-average puck skills, Gettinger can become a versatile offensive threat. Showing deceptive vision and playmaking skills, he has an untapped level of offensive creativity that looks to be on the verge of coming out. He’s blessed with a quick release and strong accuracy to his shot, and he displays impressive upside, though consistency has been an issue this season.   (May 2016)