Tim Bozon

Aaron Vickers

A speedy and offensively savvy forward with enticing pro upside. The son of former NHLer Philippe, Tim has a nice wide-based skating stride that al- lows him to fight off checks and control the puck with balance while generating healthy amounts of speed. He could use some work on his first step. His vision with the puck is just a notch below elite as he sees the entire ice surface very well. He makes strong, crisp tape-to-tape passes. He finds seams and open ice well with good anticipation. Soft hands and great timing allow him to make the right play with the puck and create offensive chances, not only for himself, but also his linemates — making them better as well. He never gives up on a play and reads what the defense will do before they do it. He goes to the net, and while he is not very strong at this point in his development, he does have a good frame to build that strength upon and a long reach to help protect the puck. He is more of a playmaker, but also has the ability to finish off a play as well. His lack of ideal size and offensive upside are the only areas of weakness. (May 2012)