Teemu Pulkkinen

Aaron Vickers

An offensive juggernaut as he is slick with the puck and has a wicked shot release. Gets his shots off so quick and without needing much space that he is near impossible to stop. Successful defenders just try to get in his lane and block or deflect his shot. Has the natural instincts of where to go where the puck will be for the best possible  change to bury one of his accurate wristers. Has neither the size, the skating ability, nor the work rate to be sure that he will make the jump to the next level. Injuries have left many durability questions in the minds of NHL talent evaluators. Is a high risk boom or bust prospects in that if he makes it to the NHL, it will be as a high-end scorer who plays little to no defense or he will he not make it at all. (May 2010)