Tanner Richard

Aaron Vickers

A hard hitting power winger. Has a wide base skating stride and moves his feet at all times, generating nice speed and is usually the first one enter- ing the zone or in on the forecheck. A physically punishing player who takes the extra stride to make the defender know he’s there. He is the type of forward who really sets the tone for his entire team with his hard hitting game. A smart player with great anticipation and can force turnovers with his stick and intimidation. Drives the net look- ing for a tip or rebound and can also make the pass from the outside through skates to the net while his linemates go hard. Has a good shot and really compliments a high skilled linemate well with his meat and potatoes style. His size and injury history are a tad concerning for the style he plays, especially when he starts trying to play that way against men. (May 2012)