Steven Shipley

Aaron Vickers

A big body who has some nice offensive skills. Skates decent enough for his size with balance and strength and has even shown some nice speed bursts from time to time. Has a good shot and nice hands in tight to the net where he can do most of his damage. Shows that he can play a strong two-way game and use his size and reach well on the PK. Has shown some strong board play and a willingness to block shots back in his own zone. Is an unknown commodity in that he plays a strong two-way game one night, has a highlight reel worthy offensive gem the next and then other nights you would be hard pressed to notice that he was even dressed. Consistency and his need to find and make an identity for himself will be in the back of NHL scouts minds at the draft. Needs to improve his effort level game in and game out as he takes far too many shifts and even games off. (May 2010)