Sonny Milano

Darren Walker

Milano is a quick-footed forward with great quickness and agility, and the ability to beat players with ashes of quickness down the wing. He possesses good top speed and the ability to beat guys with ashy moves as he goes end to end with the puck. His hand speed and hand skills are impressive. He has a plethora of tricks up his sleeves and his creativity seems to have no end. Milano is very con dent and has a high IQ with the puck, and is a very intelligent passer. While goal-scoring may be his eventual forte, his ability to create chances for his teammates and be a playmaker, as well as a goal scorer, is also very impressive. He is a very quick decision maker and he seems to know where his options are before he receives the puck. He makes a good touch pass, and he has the ability to get the puck in the air to reach a target. His ability on his backhand is probably his most impressive skill that draws his handiness out of the crowd of skill puck handlers in this draft. He has an incredible backhand shot with great accuracy and power. He also has a good wrist shot with great quickness and accuracy, and he knows how to pick the corners. He is a dual threat with the puck. Milano isn’t the toughest player, but he also doesn’t lack heart and a competitive edge. He competes hard for pucks and is involved in puck battles as he fights for possession on the boards. Milano is a highly skilled winger with a good compete level and urgency when he has or is around the puck. He is a highly intelligent, quick-thinking forward. He makes the smart move and finds his options quickly. (May 2014)