Shea Theodore

Darren Walker

Theodore is a good sized puck-moving defenseman who routinely displays his effective skating and strong edgework and smooth movements. He has a big, long, lean stride and uses it effectively. His cross- overs transition efficiently and smoothly, and he produces a lot of extra jump to his speed. His top speed is also very good and his first few steps are above average. He has great balance and moves in all directions with ease covering a lot of ground with very little effort. He has the ability to maneuver with the puck through traffic and opposing sticks, and is able to do it at fast speeds and awkward positions. He can control the puck along the opposing blue line with ease. Though he has the skills to do so, Theodore isn’t one to dangle through players. Rather, he uses his puck skills to keep it out of the range of forechecking forwards or when he rushes the puck up the ice. He will not completely undress defending players but he will evade them and start the offensive cycle. He has truly great vision that allows him to make quick and crisp passes. He can really thread the needle making impossible connections at times. Along with his impressive passing ability, Theodore has a wide range of offensive weapons to lean on. He has a wide selection of shots and chooses them wisely in order to get the puck towards the net. His shot isn’t blistering nor is it heavy, but they are well placed. He also plays like a true leader and is a go-to guy for the Thunderbirds in all situations. He works hard and is a mature kid, which shows well in interviews where he is very well-spoken and positive about his play and his teammates. A team looking for a puck mover will want to keep their eyes on Theodore as he has the raw tools to develop into a premier PMD at the NHL level. (May 2013)