Samuel Morin

Darren Walker

Morin is a big, rangy defender who moves very well for his size and has progressed well this season despite some injury problems. He’s an oddity, as the mammoth can keep step with the quickest offensive forward. He has good first step quickness, pivots well and when he is beat by slick move his reach is there to knock the puck to safety. He plays with a good aggression and physicality using his body well to separate the opposition from pucks and stepping up to deliver the odd open ice check as well. Morin shows that he is more than capable at defending himself and his teammates with his fists. He is strong on the PK and will only get better defensively with more seasoning. He also possesses decent hands — able to make plays with them both defensively and when pinching in the offensive zone — but is not one to really take the puck and go coast-to-coast. He has decent vision, makes some strong breakout passes and has a developing shot that will get better as he adds strength and the confidence to use it. He’s willing to take a hit to shield the puck and ip it out to safety, just plays a real safe, strong, simple, effective game. Perhaps most intriguing, Morin still has so much room to add strength to as he will be a beast in a few years. (May 2013)