Sam Reinhart

Darren Walker

Reinhart has delivered consistently all season for Kootenay. His top asset is his mind as he is always a step or two ahead of his opponents. Because of his intelligence, Reinhart can play a ton of minutes in all situations as your top-line center. His position- ing and decision-making skills are elite. While on the surface, he is lacking the ash of a typical top pick, Reinhart seems to always find a way to forward the puck to a teammate and seems to thread dif cult passes across the ice with ease. His vision is outstanding and he is creative in a discrete way. The typical Sam Reinhart goal: him sitting back in the play and waiting for a moment to find open ice around the net, and in a split second, striking with a quick wrist shot from that open ice after his teammate found him with a well-placed pass. His usual accurate shot has improved all season both in its release and velocity. He is strong on the draw, and shows poise and composure with the puck. He uses his body well as a shield for the puck. Reinhart has the rare ability to slow the pace down when he gets the puck. Shows very good anticipation in the defensive zone. He looks unassertive in his end at times, but his timing is just excellent. Reinhart always seems to lurk around, but the next thing you know, he has picked off a pass with his quick stick and excellent positioning, and in a ash, has started the transition up ice. Poise with and without the puck is phenomenal and hardly ever panics or gets worked up. (May 2014)