Ryan Donato

Darren Walker

A solid two-way performer. He showed some good speed to the out- side, with the ability to beat a defenseman to the net. Masterful at taking the puck outside, and with a quick first couple of steps, goes around the net, turns and generates a quality chance on the other side. He shows off some quick hands and the ability to control the puck in tight spaces. He does a good job keeping control of the puck, protecting it out wide and at top speed as he enters the zone. He has a great hockey IQ and sees the ice remarkably well. He makes quick, well-timed and well-placed passes in the offensive zone, and does a good job finding lanes to feed his teammates. He doesn’t normally hold the puck too long and makes the smart pass. He doesn’t send many opposing players crashing to the ice, but he shows some willingness to battle and get involved physically. His ability to control the puck and keep possession using his strength is impressive. He plays very smart with the puck, and makes the smart moves to help his team get chances. He moves it quickly, and makes use of his skill and quickness to create chances. He competes hard at both ends and plays better as the game advances toward its critical stage. He does a good job getting back in the play on defense, and supporting down low. (May 2012)