Rourke Chartier

Darren Walker

A forward with unbelievable puck-pursuit skills. The kid is always around the puck or owing to where the puck is going. Chartier plays with a ton of energy and seems to always be chugging his feet. His acceleration and quickness are very strong. Chart- ier thrives in the defensive zone, where he ashes good anticipation and unexpectedly good strength in the corners. We loved how he ashes out of nowhere to intercept passes with quick- ness, agility and strong awareness, and then throws a crisp outlet pass up to his teammates. Chartier doesn’t show very much high-end offensive skill, but he does a good job of protecting the puck and keeping things simple. Plays in all situations and wins just about every faceoff he takes. Chartier is a versatile player, a Swiss army knife of sorts who plays in all situations, with good upside and an underrated level of hockey sense. To us, he hasn’t shown enough in terms of creativity and pure skill to warrant a high pick, but his defensive acumen and puck pursuit have us excited for his future. (May 2014)