Rhett Gardner

Darren Walker

Gardner is a very good skater given his size. He has a technically sound, powerful stride that allows him to y down the wing. In addition to his good open-ice speed, he has quick feet and very good agility. Gardner is also very explosive in his first few steps. His size is another enticing quality he possesses. He has a strong frame with a lot of room to add on. He seems to be a bit unbalanced in corner battles at times, but he does a good job of using his wide shoulders to protect the puck and play an effective cycle game. His release and shot velocity are nothing more than average. Another strong suit of his game though is his hockey sense, which is good. He makes quick decisions with the puck and is able to get to the right positions on the ice to both attack and defend. Good puck handler for his size, but won’t dazzle anyone. Has decent vision and patience, but isn’t really a puck-possession player. Likes to dish it to teammates and look for open space around the net. Often found battling with defensemen at the top of the crease. Responsible in his own zone. He is a project for sure, but there is plenty for the North Dakota commit to work with. (May 2014)