Rasmus Asplund

Aaron Vickers

Asplund is a classic, hard-working, two-way centerman who can handle all types of situations in the game. His top speed is impressive and generated by a long stride for a smallish player. He moves well in all directions. Asplund uses his good timing and anticipation in combination with his speed, creating breaks up ice. His speed seems to surprise goalies as he get on the goalie quickly and has the hands to make a move to beat them. Despite his stature, he protects the puck well and does not fear contact. Asplund is a very skilled center who isn´t afraid to drive to the net and create some offensive chances in front of the opposition’s cage. He makes good passes in traffic with big D-men all over him. Asplund makes some beautiful give-and-go plays on the rush, passing the puck off to a short option, exploding into an open lane and receiving the pass back. The kid can absolutely fly down the wing when he gets moving, and is a threat when he gains some momentum and confidence in his game. Asplund commands the ice in transition and while in possession, making opponents back off with some slick hands and skating, pushing them back. He is dangerous as both a finisher who can snap a nice wrister into the top corner or as a playmaker who finds his targets through seams. He shows impressive awareness and good coverage in the defensive zone. Asplund has a willingness to work hard defensively before moving the puck up ice. He will take a hit to deliver the puck. He blocks shots and takes a lot of responsibility upon himself. Asplund has killer agility and a deadly first step that he uses in conjunction with his active stick and vision to cut all sorts of time and space on the penalty kill. He works hard all over the ice, is very grounded, brings a steadying influence to his team and earns the respect and trust of his coach.   (May 2016)