Radel Fazleev

Darren Walker

Fazleev is an average-sized, playmaking winger. He is not very physical or willing to get his nose dirty, although he will use his frame to protect the puck from de- fenders. Needs to ll out quite a bit more to really be effective in puck battles. Has some good, shifty hands and solid hockey sense that allow him to create offense. Will go to the greasy areas on occasion, but in general, he spends most of his time on the outside looking to distribute the puck to his linemates on the inside. Pass-first player who has very good vision and can really distribute the puck well in different ways on the ice. Has an average shot, but a good release. Decent defensive player who knows his job in his own zone, identifies his check and sticks with him, but has varying success. Not strong enough to outbattle many opponents, but uses his stick to disrupt. (May 2014)