Phil Baltisberger

Darren Walker

A two-way blueliner who plays a simple game. Utilizes a very mature, reliable game. Skates well enough, although he can get caught when attackers make him pivot and turn to chase as he loses considerable speed when doing so. Plays a strong positional game in which he keeps the opponent in front of him and to the outside. Stands up against incoming opponents successfully and is not afraid to use his strength to pin them or knock them off the puck. Composed and has a low panic point with the puck and against a hard forecheck. Plays with his head up and activated. Is secure when handling the puck, often choosing the simplest option with his breakout passes. Needs to improve his skating and physicality. Impressive at reading the play coming into his zone and gets himself into solid position. Sees lanes and gets his body into them. Fearless shot blocker and while he is not one who will put up many points at the next level, he does see the ice well and make good rst passes. Dependable and stays within himself. (May 2014)