Petteri Lindbohm

Aaron Vickers

A big meat and potatoes type of defenseman who gives you a solid effort every night. Has a decent enough skating stride but lacks the high-end agility to keep up with slick skating forwards. He utilized a physical punishing game to offset that deficiency, meaning any forward who ventures into his defensive area, he is going to try and get a piece of. He plays a steady game and is consistently in strong defensive position. Shows smarts in knowing what to do to shutdown the opposition filling lanes and blocking shots where needed. He has a good healthy amount of aggressiveness to his defensive game but not on the offensive side of things. He takes what he is given in the offensive zone and does not force things that are not there. He makes a strong first pass and follows the play but does not drive too far into the attacking zone. His upside is that of a solid stay-at-home defender with a limited to no offensive upside. (May 2012)