Peter Cehlarik

Darren Walker

Cehlarik reads as a skilled winger who really came along nicely his season. He has a powerful stride and good balance especially when he pulls the puck off the wall and to- wards the crease. His acceleration and his overall speed are areas that could be improved. He’s a solid, but unspectacular stick handler who controls the puck well even at high rates of speed, accepts passes softly and can protect it using his hands, reach and size but will not wow you with many skilled dekes. He also has good vision, especially in traffic where time and space is at a premium, makes good passes with timing and touch. Cehlarik is a big guy who is hard to handle but also a cerebral offensive guy with great instincts around the net and is dangerous both with and without the puck. He goes and gets the puck back in board battles and then either sets up shot in front of makes himself a half wall option. Has a good shot and can get it off in a jiffy. Physically, he possesses the size but not the disposition to play a rough game. Along the boards, his size, reach and ability to dig for loose pucks is great. He’s a hard worker who can handle going up against larger defenseman and is versatile doing whatever his coach asks of him. He’s good positionally, gets into lanes and back checks well but could be more active with his size and stick. (May 2013)