Pavel Koltygin

Aaron Vickers

A fun player to watch because he is always involved in the play…is continuously in motion and doesn’t wait for the puck to come to him…uses a blend of shoulder dekes with quick skating jukes to get by the opposition…possesses a good wrist shot…has a dangerous one-timer that combines quick reaction, accuracy and a high level of velocity…not afraid to park himself in front of the net, obstructing the goaltenders view, while looking for a deflection or a rebound chance…tenacious around the crease…can control and manage the puck well, slowing down the play and waiting for support…has great ice-vision, sees the play developing and can find passing lanes quickly…passes are simple but efficient and easy to handle…needs to round out his overall game…he doesn’t think twice about supporting his teammates or get involved on the wall…will have to get stronger if he wants to be effective against more physical players…has the ability to have a great impact in the offensive zone…a raw but promising prospect who has top six NHL upside.  (November 2016)