Patrik Laine

Darren Walker

A man-child, Laine has been a focal offensive player with Liiga champion Tappara with an elite goal-scorer’s skill set complemented by his size and developing 200-foot game. He loves to be the guy who is leading the charge on the play and does so in an imposing manner. Even with the height and weight of his frame, he has some quick feet. Laine only needs a few powerful steps to accelerate before he can lengthen out his stride and get to max speed, an area that he has dramatically improved over the past two seasons. He has tremendous balance on his feet, maintaining technique through transition and becoming a human battering ram due to the momentum he is capable of building. Laine loves to carry the puck with speed, and has the ability to recognize lanes or holes he can travel through that provide the least amount of defensive resistance. When challenged for space, he has the ability to hide the puck and use his power to maintain control. Has some superb puck skills and can dazzle with jaw-dropping hands. He consistently shows a high level of creativity without grave risk-taking tendencies. Offensively, he is more of a sniper than a set-up guy, although he doesn’t lack in either skill category. His elite IQ makes the world his oyster when setting up shop offensively. Laine has the magic touch with his passes, calming pucks quickly before moving them accurately. He is capable of making a lot of plays based on sensing where his teammates are going to be and leading them perfectly to pick up a puck in stride. When he keeps the puck, he loves to get off his lethal shot. His release is all-pro and helps him maintain a consistent spray chart on net. He has also shown his one-timer is a goaltender’s nightmare, with his combination of timing and power. Laine’s confidence level is through the roof with and without the puck, knowing where he needs to be for optimal success. He always seems to be moving to find open ice where he can support a play. He plays the game with a high tempo and loves to get involved in pressure scenarios. Laine activates his feet on the forecheck to get a bead on the puck carrier and wallop him with a solid check. He has great ability to recognize the play developing through the neutral zone and in his own end. His reach is spectacular and so is his ability to get his stick in the comfort zone of his opponents. (May 2016)