Oscar Klefbom

Aaron Vickers

A sizable and skilled puck rushing defender. An excellent skater with multiple gears and solid lateral agility which he utilizes when rushing the puck. Plays a ashy offensively driven game where he becomes a fourth attacker up ice. Shows good smarts and instincts most of the time with knowing when to the opportunity is there to attack and join the rush. Has an absolute cannon of a shot and vision to either make an accurate pass to an open teammate or re away when the shooting lane is open. Soft hands allow him to control the puck in his own zone, while walking the blue line on the power play or when attacking the offensive zone on the rush. Has nice creativity and long reach make it hard for defenders to get the puck from him. Has a real problem engaging in physical puck battles despite his nice size and is tentative in his willingness to get his hands dirty. Can be easily knocked off the puck by smaller opponents with body-to-body contact which leads you to the conclusion that not just added strength and weight is needed but also a change in his demeanor. (May 2011)