Oliver Bjorkstrand

Darren Walker

Bjorkstrand is a skilled, offensive forward from Denmark. He has good acceleration, is shifty and has good speed. His skating allows him to dart in and out of traffic and find holes in coverage in the offensive zone. He’s not the biggest guy in the world, so he relies on his skating ability to stay out of traffic as much as possible. He’s a good stickhandler, creative and slick and is able to control the puck while in traf c in the offensive zone, through the neutral zone and while working the cycle. He is very much a pass-first player with good vision and pin- point accuracy. He can look to pass too much, to the point where he passes on some better scoring opportunities for himself. He does have a great release on his shot, very accurate and strong that he can surprise goaltenders with. In regards to a physical game, there is one word here and that is soft as he fails to finish checks and stays out of physical battles. He will battle for pucks but only by use of a quick stick and body positioning but does not physically engage. He needs to work on the game in his own zone and add considerable strength. (May 2013)