Nicolas Aube-Kubel

Aaron Vickers

A solid all-round player. He’s added power to his stride and is notably shiftier. He stalks around the zone and finds himself in good defensive position very often. He plays the wing very well and his ability to make soft-touch chips and passes on the breakout are an asset. Physically, he’s a very imposing player when you combine his edge and love for playing the body with his solid skating ability. In puck pursuit, he mauls guys, especially skilled playmakers who can do the most damage, making it awfully dif cult for his opponent to protect the puck. He’s a pretty good passer, sometimes slowing down the play to open up passing lanes. His defensive play is good; he follows the play on the backcheck and gets to his man. He is able to cause quick turnovers with his stick, and separates players from the puck physically. He displays solid offensive IQ, which leads to nice scoring chances for both himself and his linemates. Aube-Kubel has a solid shot release and gets good velocity on his wrister; willing to shoot from anywhere in the offensive zone. He is not afraid to stand up for teammates and constantly was the first guy defending his goalie. He has come a long way this season. Was impressive at times this season, displaying skill and drive while playing a limited role on a powerhouse Foreurs squad. (May 2014)