Nick Henry

Aaron Vickers

Henry is a triggerman who doesn’t need the puck on his blade for very long to leave his mark on a game. His skating is below average and an area that needs improvement. His edges and pivots are solid and he shows decent small space quickness. What immediately stands out with Henry is his high level positional awareness and hockey IQ. He is always in the right place at the right time, and provides both excellent support defensively and an outlet to push the puck up the ice offensively. While not the biggest player, more often than not he wins puck battles due to his smarts and timing. With the puck he makes quick decisions and keeps possession moving. He rarely holds onto the puck for long and seems more comfortable playing off the puck than being the main driver of offense. He’s unique in the fact that, while he rarely has the puck for long, he is also consistently noticeable. A typical shift for him may only see him have the puck for a few seconds but in that shift he’ll be moving the puck effectively on the cycle, providing support to hem a defense in their own zone, and finding soft spots to get open for a shot. His shot may be the best physical tool he possesses as he can get off a heavy and accurate delivery in tight spaces and picks corners effectively. He has a smooth set of hands when playing the puck and is a solid passer who will make consistent accurate passes. While we really like Henry’s hockey mind, his feet may limit his effectiveness at the next level.