Nick Ebert

Aaron Vickers

A highly skilled two-way defenseman that can affect the game in a multitude of ways. Strong physically, makes heady passes and reads the play. Has great skating ability with nice first step acceleration and a fast top gear but does not always use it. Handles the puck very well and has the vision and hands to carry it up ice. Has an absolute howitzer of a shot that jumps off his stick. He sometimes fires it into closed off lanes instead of moving the puck around to open those lanes up. Inconsistent play, as one night his defensive zone positioning is bang on and the next he chases the puck and loses positioning. His physical game is also inconsistent as he has the ability to play the body, being strong on the puck but refuses to and uses a lazy stick to check some shifts. Concerns about his hockey sense and questionable on ice decision making have crept in over the year. Questionable attitude, effort levels and not knowing whether or not his ego has spoiled this talented prospect is the main reason he has dropped so far this year. High-end talent, low end work ethic and attitude. (May 2012)