Nick Bjugstad

Aaron Vickers

Possesses great size and looks monstrous compared to opponents in Minnesota High School action. Is athletic and an extremely hard worker which lend well to him making an NHL impact one day. Reach and willingness to outwork the other guy make him a beast on the wall or in front of the opposition net. Overall skill set, although raw, is impressive especially when you factor in his size and speed. Has the ability to give that extra burst of speed which allows him to beat opponents on the outside or the immense size to go through them to the inside. Shot is solid and he has shown some solid vision on the ice. Has many of the intangibles that can’t be taught such as leadership, humility and strong hockey sense. Also has soft hands but a willingness to play it physical. Questions about his upside and how far his skills will take him. Level of competition was weak this year so a better projection on his future can be made once he moves on to the college ranks. (May 2010)