Nicholas Jones

Darren Walker

An average-sized player who has a good amount of room to grow, especially in his legs where he looks a bit thin. Good skater. Gets around the ice with decent straight-line speed and excellent agility that allows him to weave in and out of the danger areas. He spends most of his time looking for passes on the outside, but sometimes sneaks into those greasy areas with varying success. He put up good production at this level, but his lack of strength and small timing issues will hurt his ability to produce at the next level. Has an average shot that has pretty good accuracy, but not enough velocity to blow it past goalies. His hockey sense is just average, but he has pretty good offensive instincts. When Jones has the puck, he is able to make plays. His positioning in the offensive zone is very good, but overall, he has a low offensive upside. A chippy player with skill, he is typically F1 on the forecheck, causing havoc despite his size. He is a good defender and helpful on the penalty kill, and has potential as an energy-line player. (May 2014)