Nelson Nogier

Darren Walker

Nogier is a very mobile skater who does an adequate job of maneuvering on the ice. Does look a little choppy at times when he tries to speed up his feet, but is very smooth in transition when he has a little bit of time. Doesn’t have too much trouble keeping up with speedy forwards and is able to maintain good positioning because he is a decent skater. Still has a lot of work to do with his foot speed and overall agility as he looks a bit sluggish off the hop. An average puck handler who does a serviceable job moving the puck up ice. By no means is he a ashy offensive guy, but he has some offensive instincts to his game that allow him to throw crisp passes up ice. Very good all-around defender who is able to win physical battles in the corners while maintaining an active stick to clutter up passing lanes. Makes some very good reads to break up passes, and take away time and space from opponents. Nogier has decent smarts, and shows a lot of poise and patience with the puck. He can be a calming presence on the breakout. Won’t wow you with ashy offensive skills, but he is a worker. No-nonsense type player who eats minutes and can shut other teams down with hard work and smarts. He is dependable and quiet. (May 2014)