Nathan Bastian

Aaron Vickers

Bastian is an every-situation, hard-working winger who complements a highly skilled linemate very well. He plays in all situations and is willing to do the heavy lifting. A fluid skater who can accelerate quickly and get up to speed in only a few strides, he reads the game like a pro, displaying incredible hockey IQ and an offensive flair. Bastian can slow down and speed up quite well, adjusting as needed. He possesses quick hands and is able to control the puck while at high speeds. He makes smart, simple plays with the puck that advances it up ice and puts his team in a better position offensively. He protects the puck very well and is not afraid to take it to the net by himself, whether by driving to the backdoor or wrapping it around. Bastian possesses a hard one-timer and a strong wrist shot that is extremely dangerous coming off the wall. With his size, he is strong and can move at an opponent like a freight train, not necessarily knocking him over, but plowing right through with strength and balance. He has playmaking skills, seeing lanes develop and sensing where his man is and when he is approaching to time his passes accordingly. Bastian has a good sense of the game as he anticipates and reacts to in-game situations well. In the defensive zone, he does a good job of eliminating space; once his team gains control, he moves into a position that best allows him to get to the puck.  (May 2016)