Mitchell Mattson

Aaron Vickers

Mattson is a big-framed forward who is still gangly like a newborn giraffe. While his foot speed is a little slow right now, his skating overall is a strength as he generates a long, powerful stride and cuts into the ice with his edges to make sharp cuts and turns. He has a good hard wrist shot, though he takes the puck wide when he should be using his size to his advantage, dropping his shoulder and taking it to the net. But, he chooses to be a perimeter player. Mattson has a very strong one-timer and goal-scorer’s instincts. When he moves his feet on the forecheck, he can use his large frame and reach to force turnovers. He has good vision, and some playmaking creativity in his game. Mattson can be frustrating to watch because he has size that can’t be taught and is a gifted skater, but just gets so little done. He floats through the neutral zone and circles way too often in situations that call for starts and stops. Mattson can be about as invisible as any skilled 6-foot-4 forward can be. He does have an intriguing mix of tools that make him a long-term project who still needs to put it all together. Mattson makes himself available away from the puck and puts himself in places to get solid scoring chances, but at the USHL level, he had a few issues completing those chances. The kid has some strong upside, and would have better benefitted from playing the entire year in the USHL as opposed to splitting time between Bloomington and Grand Rapids H.S. He will be a power forward with potential to put up points, but the extent of his impact remains to be seen.  (May 2016)