Mikhail Sergachev

Darren Walker

Sergachev is a smooth-skating defenseman who isn’t afraid to use his body. He looks very comfortable and confident, quietly playing a strong and effective game from the back end. He plays in all situations and is successful; he effectively cuts off his man’s routes, and gets the puck out of pressure situations. Sergachev reads the situations well and does not just get rid of the puck in a hurry. With some space and time, he is patient looking for other options besides just banging it off the wall or down the ice. A key member of the Spitfires power play unit, he moves the puck around the top of the zone with confidence and poise, and utilizes his vision and creativity when he sees an opportunity to slide down low for a shot. Sergachev has a very heavy point shot that is positioned well. A high-end skater who has exceptional acceleration, he can explode laterally in one step, which makes all the difference. He shows excellent edge work to maintain balance and strength, cutting up the ice with shifty feet and quick pivots. Sergachev stays calm and collected skating with the puck, while also generating tremendous speed as he crosses over and moves his way up ice. He is a powerful skater when he gets moving and is almost unstoppable on his feet. He displays impressive awareness and knows when an opponent is lining him up, adapting accordingly to move laterally and protect the puck while using his speed to separate from the man, not getting flustered or making an unnecessary play with the puck. He sees lanes develop and hits his man with a crisp pass. He is a high-end puck mover. His passes are crisp and he leads his man. Calm and composed with the puck, Sergachev makes smart plays to get the puck up ice. He is cool as a cucumber, showing absolutely no hesitation under pressure. He remains composed and relaxed with pressure or when there are no options available, never appearing flustered even in the worst of times. Defensively, he marks his man and makes a strong effort to keep him contained to the outside and away from the slot and high-threat areas.   (May 2016)