Mikhail Berdin

Aaron Vickers

Berdin left a strong impression on us after his showing at the World Junior A Challenge as a prospect who was not really on our radar until that point. He is a very strong, quick netminder who absolutely loves to challenge shooters every chance he gets. He moves exceptionally well around his crease and pushes laterally with pure strength, challenges the shooters and makes key saves in the process. He constantly adjusts his body and head to improve his sight lines when tracking the puck. Berdin hates to be beat and will do everything in his power to make the save, cover the puck and fight for his space in his crease. He does a decent job of limiting the second chances given to the opposition. Berdin reacts well with his glove hand to extend it out and snatch the shot out of mid-air. He squares up quickly and gets his glove hand up and ready to make the save. He has good use of stick when he is out of it to make the stick save. He even shows off some flair for making a dramatic expression after he makes a big save. Berdin needs to be very careful that he does not make a habit of cheating off his angles or off his post when in tight for the save. He is a butterfly style goaltender who is able to take heavy workloads and actually gets better when he has to face a lot of shots. Otherwise, he has issues with consistency of focus and can be prone to letting a weaker shot by him  (May 2016)